Crop Monitor for AMIS

Crop Monitors are designed to provide open, timely, science-driven information on crop conditions in support of market transparency for the G20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS).The Crop Monitor for AMIS is published monthly covering the 4 major AMIS crops (wheat, maize, soybean, and rice) for the AMIS producer countries responsible for over 80% of global production.



GEOGLAM developed the Crop Monitor for AMIS responding to a direct request from AMIS, which provides global crop condition assessments in support of the AMIS Market Monitoring activities. Reflecting an international, multi-source, consensus assessment of crop growing conditions, status, and agro-climatic factors likely to impact global production, focusing on the major producing and trading countries for the four primary crops monitored by AMIS (wheat, maize, rice, and soybeans). The Crop Monitor for AMIS brings together over 40 partners from national, regional (i.e. sub-continental), and global monitoring systems, space agencies, agriculture organizations, and universities.

Since its launch in September 2013, the Crop Monitor for AMIS has grown extensively and has become an internationally recognized source of information on global crop prospects, widely quoted by public and private agencies as well as top-tier media. It represents the first time that the international community comes together every month to produce joint crop assessments.