The International GEO Center works with its partners to contribute to education and capacity building efforts internationally. The Center understands the need for training the next generation of scientists and decision makers, and equipping them with cutting edge tools and techniques used for earth observation research and geospatial analysis. The Center plays a key role in bringing together scientists, stakeholders, policy and decision makers and in transferring knowledge and technology. Through its educational and capacity building activities, the International GEO Center is instrumental in transitioning research advances into operational action.

GLAD Vietnam visit

GLAD Lab Trainings

The GLAD lab frequently hosts scientists and decision makers from regional institutions and government ministries to transfer knowledge about the GLAD system for land monitoring and help with operationalizing forest and land cover land use monitoring in the national and international context.  


NASA Harvest Trainings

NASA Harvest in collaboration with the Department of Geographical Sciences at UMD undertakes several training programs to disseminate knowledge on agricultural monitoring. 


Inaugural Remote Sensing Summer School

Quantitative Remote Sensing Summer School

The International Center for Innovation in Geospatial Analytics and Earth Observation (International GEO Center) held its inaugural event: the first International Quantitative Remote Sensing Summer School.



Cooperative GIS Program with Nanjing Normal University

The University of Maryland (UMD) and Nanjing Normal University (NNU) offer a pioneering cooperative Master of Science in Geospatial Information Science (MSGIS). The UMD-NNU cooperative program leverages the outstanding human, scholarly, and pedagogical resources of both institutions to create a unique learning environment for its students.