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Air pollution is an urgent problem in Vietnam. PM2.5 pollution has been the most alarming with concentrations exceeding the national standard for air quality for several days in large cities like Hanoi and HoChiMinh and having adverse impacts on public health. An annual PM2.5 pollution report is requested for effective air quality control policies. Existing government and supplementary air quality monitoring stations are not adequate to monitor air quality at the national scale. Additionally, reliable and long-term PM2.5 monitoring data is required to conduct studies on the impacts of air pollution on the environment, public health, and economics or to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of air pollution monitoring and management policies. This project will utilize satellite-derived PM2.5 maps for supplement air quality monitoring and management in Vietnam. PM2.5 monitoring at the national scale will be supplemented by developing daily PM2.5 concentration maps covering Vietnam with a spatial resolution of 3 x 3 km, which should be suitable for monitoring at the province/city level. Additionally, the project products will include annual reports on the state of PM2.5 pollution in Vietnam, a Web-GIS system for near-real time pollution monitoring, and educational videos with summary of results and recommendations for actions to contribute towards improvement of air quality.

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