Group photo with conference participants

Assistant Professor Yiqun Xie and his group hosted the Imazon research group for an academic visit as part of the Google AI for Social Good project to foster collaboration and share ideas about monitoring and combating deforestation in the Amazon Forest via new AI advances. 

Imazon is a leading Brazilian research institute on Amazon conservation, monitoring and sustainable development. Leveraging satellite imagery and AI technology, Imazon generates important reports that are used by local governments, international institutes, and companies such as JP Morgan, influencing policy and conservation actions. 

The visit was highlighted by a series of presentations showcasing the recent works of both Xie's and Imazon's groups, as well as meetings with faculty members brainstorming collaboration opportunities on carbon monitoring, land cover mapping and human dimensions.

Imazon researchers shares his work

Carlos Souza Jr. from Imazon (above) also delivered an igniting talk titled "Preventing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon with Geospatial Intelligence and Collaborative Impact Approach."  Souza Jr. illuminated the cutting-edge methods employed by Imazon to predict and prevent deforestation, emphasizing the critical role of geospatial intelligence and a collective impact strategy in preserving the Amazon. His talk provided insightful analyses into the threats facing the Amazon, including deforestation and climate change.

The Department of Geographical Sciences eagerly anticipates leveraging the success of this visit to further collaborate with Imazon and other global partners, advancing efforts toward a more sustainable and environmentally resilient world.

Main image: Imazon researchers and Assistant Professor Yiqun Xie's group gather to collaborate on Amazon monitoring.

All photos provided by Ph.D. student Zhihao Wang


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