International GEO Innovation Center participants, Prof. Chris Justice and Adjunct Prof. Krishna Vadrevu, are helping with the organization of an international open meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, to facilitate discussions on Land Cover Land Use Change (LCLUC) and its impacts, focusing regionally on Southeast Asian countries and develop international cooperation. 

Registration information is on the NASA LCLUC meeting page

This meeting will mark the inaugural "kick-off" event for synthesizing various LCLUC issues in the region. The presentations will not only emphasize scientific aspects but also aim to review and synthesize ongoing work from various other projects in the region. The Synthesis presentations will amalgamate diverse pieces of information, research findings, and perspectives on LCLUC-related issues in South/Southeast Asia. The meeting's overarching aim is to create a comprehensive and holistic understanding of various LCLUC issues by examining them from multiple angles, including a) Collating information; b) Employing interdisciplinary approaches; c) Integrating research; d) Identifying key insights, and e) Enhancing collaborations in the region. The meeting seeks to bridge gaps, promote collaborations, and advance knowledge regarding LCLUC issues in the region. The meeting will be organized around the following themes:

  • LCLUC and impacts on the Environment
  • Agricultural Land use
  • LCLUC, Atmosphere and Air Pollution
  • Urbanization
  • LCLUC in forests and Mountain Regions
  • LCLUC in the Coastal Zone

Training Dates   

-Jan 29-30th, 2024

Training Venue

-Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), 18B Hoang Quoc Viet St., Hanoi, Vietnam

Meeting Dates

-31st January 1st February and 2nd February, 2024

Meeting Venue

-Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), 18B Hoang Quoc Viet St., Hanoi, Vietnam

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